The ultimate painkiller

My mother of almost 60 years died tonight. Well, her body died anyway. She actually took one last shallow breath here on earth and and took her next breath in heaven. The change was so subtle we didn’t even see it happen, and had to get the nurse in to verify. One moment she was lying quietly, under the influence of painkillers, the next she was where she would never experience pain again. What a wonderful joy that brought to my heart, to think that this woman who had lived through constant pain most of her life was now pain free. She who had suffered greatly will suffer no more, but instead will rejoice with her Savior forever.

Those of you who have prayed for us and with us through these last months have been a tremendous source of joy. As Paul said to the Philippians, I thank God at every remembrance of you. It has been so wonderful to see visitor after visitor take time to say to Mom “Can we pray with you before we leave?” even when she couldn’t hear them. Thank you for your faith.

I’ve written about this song before, “It Is Not Death to Die“, and I’m sure I’ll write about it again. I wish I could sing it at Mom’s funeral, but I don’t think I’d make it through.  It’s a song about death, but it’s a song about life. It’s a song of tears, and it’s a song of joy. Most of all, it’s a song of the saving power of Jesus’ blood, and what faith in Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross gives us. If you have questions about this faith that Mom embodied, ask me. Mom would like that.

It is not death to die,
To leave this weary road,
And join the saints who dwell on high,
Who’ve found their home with God.
It is not death to close
The eyes long dimmed by tears,
And wake in joy before Your throne,
Delivered from our fears.

O Jesus, conquering the grave.
Your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in You
Will in Your mercy find
That it is not death to die.

It is not death to fling
Aside this earthly dust,
And rise with strong and noble wing,
To live among the just.
It is not death to hear
The key unlock the door
That sets us free from mortal years
To praise You evermore.

O Jesus, conquering the grave.
Your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in You
Will in Your mercy find
That it is not death to die.

Original Words by Henri Malan (1787-1864). Translated by George Bethune (1847).
Music, Chorus and Alternate Words by Bob Kauflin.
© 2008 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
From Come Weary Saints. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
North American administration by Integrity Music. International administration by CopyCare International.

If you’ve read the lyrics and want a bit more, here’s a link to a video on youtube.

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  1. Thank you Jim for sharing such a special tribute about your precious Mom. What JOY to know she is pain free and truly where we want to be. May God bless you as you learn to live without her presence here on earth. May the joy of her being pain free and with Jesus help you in your grief.
    In His Loving Sympathy,
    Doug and Donna Fagerstrom

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