From an observation point on the shores of Mullett Lake, just outside beautiful downtown Topinabee, Michigan, miscellany is the musings of Jim Ackerman, who in his working life was an IT director for the MediaNews Group (formerly Digital First Media), one of the largest newspaper groups in the country, but in real life is a Christian, husband, father and grandfather, musician, and small business owner.

  • Son to my parents for a LONG time before Mom died in 2013 and Dad went home in 2018.
  • Was brother to my talented sister for just as long, until she died in 2015.
  • Christian since childhood, when God chose to save me from my sins and make me His for all eternity. My faith in God and the saving grace of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection color all thoughts and actions (at least they’re supposed to – I slip once in awhile).
  • Musician since elementary school – a trumpeter who has picked up almost every brass instrument there is and made some kind of joyful noise, and tenor who has been in numerous quartets and choirs across the country, including the lead role in Brigadoon in high school, a very long time ago.
  • Husband to a wonderful wife since 1973. You do the math. Every day is better than the last. Really.
  • Father to two great sons (and father-in-law to their wives)
  • Grandfather to three lovely granddaughters and one grandson. They make the sons worthwhile.
  • The bills get paid courtesy of the grace of God and Social Security.

The musings on these pages may come from any one of these perspectives, and in most cases a combination of all of them.

Feel free to leave your comments to anything I say. Just be civil.

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  1. Not sure if you remember me but, just wanted to say, how appreciated your words are & thank you for our list of the ones we’ve lost. So many I didn’t know about. Bless You.

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