Oh my soul, with wonder tell,
Jesus has done all things well ;
and, through His atoning blood,
I’ve settled peace with God.

He bequeathed His peace to me,
as a gift divinely free;
and it is His righteous will,
that my soul in peace shall dwell.

Love to such vile worms as I,
brought the Savior from the sky:
every foe for them to quell,
Jesus conquered death and hell.

Gifts like this so full and free,
stand as firm as deity
God has sworn nor can He lie
it shall last eternally.

Justice, mercy, truth, and love,
Every attribute of God,
Join to make this peace secure,
And it must and shall endure.

What a solid basis, this!
Such a peace can never miss,
But produce a grateful mind,
To a God so vastly kind.

Mourning souls who feel the smart
Of a guilty, treacherous heart,
And with mighty care and pain,
Struggle hard relief to gain;

Labor hard, you may, and long,
But you’ll find your foes too strong;
Solid peace can ne’er be had,
Only through a Savior’s blood.

Jesus, mighty Prince of Peace,
Now proclaim a full release;
Set poor captive sinners free;
Give them solid peace in Thee.

by William Gadsby

From Gadsby’s Hymns, #594

Gadsby references John 14:27 and Ephesians 2:14

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