Abuse of the Gospel

Paul said it this way in Romans 6:1 “Should we continue in sin so that grace may multiply?” Since we are saved by grace, can we continue to live as before, in sin, knowing that the saving grace of Jesus’ blood will save us? Paul’s answer in 6:2 – “Absolutely not!”

William Cowper wrote this hymn which was published in Olney’s Hymns in 1779 to discuss those who claimed to be saved by grace only to continue in a life of sin.  I wonder why we don’t sing this one anymore.

Too many, LORD, abuse thy grace,
In this licentious day;
And while they boast they see thy face,
They turn their own away.

Thy Book displays a gracious light
That can the blind restore;
But these are dazzled by the sight,
And blinded still the more.

The pardon, such presume upon,
They do not beg, but steal;
And when they plead it at thy thlone,
Oh, where’s the Spirit’s seal?

Was it for this, ye lawless tribe,
The dear Redeemer bled;
Is this the grace the saints imbibe
From CHRIST the living head?

Ah LORD, we know thy chosen few
Are fed with heav’nly fare;
But these, the wretched husks they chew,
Proclaim them what they are.

The liberty our hearts implore
Is not to live in sin;
But still to wait at Wisdom’s door,
Till mercy calls us in.

William Cowper, published in Olney Hymns, 1779

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