The Heavenly Shepherd

Written by Anne Steele, based on Psalm 23:1-3

While my Redeemer’s near,
My shepherd and my guide,
I bid farewel to anxious fear,
My wants are all supply’d.

To ever-fragrant meads,
Where rich abundance grows.
His gracious hand indulgent leads,
And guards my sweet repose.

Along the lovely scene,
Cool waters gently roll,
And kind refreshment smiles serene;
To cheer my fainting soul.

Here let my spirit rest ;
How sweet a lot is mine !
With pleasure, food, and safety blest ;
Beneficence divine !

Dear shepherd, if I stray,
My wand’ring feet restore,
To thy fair pastures guide my way,
And let me rove no more.

Unworthy, as I am,
Of thy protecting care,
Jesus, I plead thy gracious name,
For all my hopes are there.

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