The Nativity of Christ

From Luke 2:10-12 comes this hymn text by Philip Doddridge. One source, “Philip Doddridge, His Life and Labors” by John Stoughton in 1851, has this being written on Christmas day, 1742.

Hail, Progeny divine!
Hail, virgin’s wond’rous Son!
Who, for that humble shrine,
Didst quit th’ Almighty’s throne:
The infant-Lord our voices sing
And be the King of grace ador’d.

Ye princes, disappear,
And boast your crowns no more;
Lay down your sceptres here,
And in the dust adore:
Where Jesus dwells, the manger bare
In lustre far your pomp excels.

With Bethlehem’s shepherds mild
The angels bow their head;
And round the sacred Child
Their guardian-wings they spread;
They knew that where their Sov’reign lies
In low disguise, heav’n’s court is there.

 Thither, my soul, repair,
And early homage pay
To thy Redeemer fair,
And on His natal day:
I kiss Thy feet; and, Lord , would be
A child like Thee, whom thus I greet.

Sing it to “Darwall’s 148th” which is more commonly recognized as the tune for “Rejoice, the Lord is King”, “We Come, O Christ, to You” or “Join All the Glorious Names”.

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