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Ireland 2017 – we were there!

We’re starting to look back at our vacation, going through the pictures. We saw a lot, and posted a lot of pictures on Facebook, but there were more pictures – trust me on that. Here is a look at the pictures we took on the first day of our trip, as we moved north from […]

Date-driven remembrances

It’s been a year since I wrote this post about Mom’s death. Since that time much has happened in our lives. We’ve celebrated birthdays and births, most notably Dad’s 90th birthday party and Caleb’s birth in August and his baptism, both celebrated Sunday. On one day we celebrated promises made for a new life for […]

Band concerts are the best!

We were invited to attend our granddaughter’s spring band concert at City High School in Grand Rapids, MI Thursday evening (May 22, 2014). When invited, we always try to go. So, we drove from Topinabee to Grand Rapids to hear Jenna’s concert and back home after.

Now you can hear it without the drive. The […]

The Christian’s Hope Can Never Fail

My thoughts keep coming back to this hymn, by an unknown author, published in 1799 in Gospel Mag. Gadsby’s Hymns points us to Hebrews 6 and Titus 1 as the scriptural source for the text.

“The Christian’s Hope Can Never Fail”.

We travel through a barren land, With dangers thick on every hand […]

Remembering Mom and honoring God

My sister wrote Mom’s obituary which will appear in the local Muskegon and Grand Haven papers today. What a great tribute to her, one that highlights what she strove to be, a woman of faith in God.

Taken to celebrate Mom’s 89th birthday.

Arlene Mildred (White) Ackerman heard Jesus call her name on October […]

The ultimate painkiller

My mother of almost 60 years died tonight. Well, her body died anyway. She actually took one last shallow breath here on earth and and took her next breath in heaven. The change was so subtle we didn’t even see it happen, and had to get the nurse in to verify. One moment she was […]

A Father’s Love

I love my father. He has been a tremendous influence on my life, showing me how to live as a husband and father, and how to love unconditionally. He has shown me how to live through adversity with faith and strength. I could not have hoped for a better model of a Godly life than […]

The Joys of a Parent

Today my son was married. Again. What a story of love, forgiveness, grace and mercy. A family was made whole again because of the faithfulness of God, whose mercies are new every day! Husband, wife and daughter are now a family again for the first time in about 10 years. […]

Buy a Grand Piano

A very good friend is quite proud of his granddaughter, and submitted this article to the local weekly paper, The Straitsland Resorter. The article was in Thursday’s paper.

Matt is the pastor of a small church in Mississippi (not Missouri), If you would like to donate to the grand piano fund, you can […]

A Personal Accomplishment!

Today was a give-back day. My plans for the day were changed because of the unavailability of others who were crucial to my planned activities, so I considered the day as given back to me. I decided to tackle one of the home maintenance tasks that have been lurking about for a month or so […]