It Is Not Death to Die!

We’ve had two long-suffering saints from our church unlock the door that set them free from mortal years over the last couple of weeks.  Henri Malan captured the hope that is ours in Christ in this song.  If you can read the text or listen to the song without tears of joy coming to your eyes, you’re a better man than I am, Charlie Brown.

It is not death to die,
To leave this weary road,
And join the saints who dwell on high,
Who’ve found their home with God.
It is not death to close
The eyes long dimmed by tears,
And wake in joy before Your throne,
Delivered from our fears.

It is not death to fling
Aside this earthly dust,
And rise with strong and noble wing,
To live among the just.
It is not death to hear
The key unlock the door
That sets us free from mortal years
To praise You evermore.

O Jesus, conquering the grave.
Your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in You
Will in Your mercy find
That it is not death to die.

Original Words by Henri Malan (1787-1864). Translated by George Bethune (1847).
Music, Chorus and Alternate Words by Bob Kauflin.
© 2008 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
From Come Weary Saints. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
North American administration by Integrity Music. International administration by CopyCare International.

If you’ve read the lyrics and want a bit more, here’s a link to a video on youtube.