I took a picture a while ago.  That in itself is nothing new, I take a lot of pictures.  Many are posted here, many more on facebook or  Truth be told, however, I’m a lazy photographer.  I rely on auto-focus to a fault, and many times wonder why a picture turned out so bad.  Take this picture for example.

I really wanted a picture of that duck, my thoughts seemed to be focused on the duck, but my actions were lazy and instead ended up redirecting my focus onto the one single reed in the foreground, and I now have a great picture of an in focus dead weed and an out of focus duck.  If I had simply taken the time to think about what I was doing and look at the viewfinder a little better, maybe even taking the camera off auto-focus, I would have had a better picture of the duck.

How often do we let our spiritual lives run on auto-focus, just going through the motions, thinking that our intentions are sufficient to get a good result rather than focusing on looking through the viewfinder of God’s Word and spending time in prayer in order to focus on Him.

This was originally to be a spring post. It’s now officially fall. Guess I need to get my focus set.

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