A Personal Accomplishment!

Today was a give-back day.  My plans for the day were changed because of the unavailability of others who were crucial to my planned activities, so I considered the day as given back to me.  I decided to tackle one of the home maintenance tasks that have been lurking about for a month or so – assembling a bunk bed in the girls’ bedroom so they would have more room of their own.  My original plan was to build the beds myself, but as the winter drew to a close and I still had a desire to keep all my appendages, we decided to buy a set instead.  Welcome to Wal-Mart!

Here are all the parts, sitting, taunting me, on Jenna’s craft-o-matic bed. (This bed is only for watching movies, not sleeping.)

The before picture – two rather sedate twin beds. Little personality.  Unfortunately, the way the room was configured the blinds interfered with the bed and annoyed the sleeper.

Beds are gone, just the flotsam and jetsam remain. Hmmm.

I wondered why the mice were staying away this year.  Guess I’ll leave this guy alone.

Everything’s gone now, just the empty space that will soon be filled with bunk beds!

It’s a start. Both frames are put together, now adding the slats.  Have I said that I hate allen screws?

All the slats in.  By the way, I hate phillips head screws too.

The side rails are up, now to seek a little help for the final step.

And it’s together, thanks to Dad. He came over and helped raise the upper onto the lower.

Now the ladder is on, the mattresses in place, and just waiting for the finishing touch of the bedding! (That’s Denise’s job.)

It’s ready, Jenna and Olivia. You can come up any time now!


  1. Emilia, she doesn’t have to wait until summer to try out the bed, but
    she does to swim in the lake. I dipped my toes in today, and it is still

  2. Another of my FB friends commented on a lizard making its way back to Michigan in someone’s hair. Guess it’s the day for uninvited visitors.

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