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When things don’t go as planned

We recently returned from a vacation in Europe with our thirteen year old granddaughter. It was the trip of a lifetime for us, and I hope for her as well. It was wonderful to get to know her more, and to see the young woman God is making in her.

We anticipated a smooth trip, […]

Great (new) Christmas songs

We’ve done a couple of new songs at church this Christmas. The first is a song we’re learning as a congregation, We Will Seek You, written by Mark Altrogge. It’s a part of their CD “Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man“. Great message, and a melody that lifts you up and stays with […]

The Power of the Cross

We sang this song in church today to close the service. Novel idea, I know, to close the service with a song. The song is relatively new, written in 2005 by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend. Great words, and a melody that keeps you singing it all day long. Here are the lyrics (click on […]

Today’s play list

As I write I’m listening to music from Sovereign Grace Music – two of my favorite newer albums (can we still call them albums?). Upward, the Bob Kauflin Hymns Project and Valley of Vision, based on the Puritan Prayers of the same name. Wonderful text, some old hymns and some new, great melody lines, all […]

I Will...

I’m working on a personal Bible study. Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Psalms, and noticed a lot of recurring themes and phrases. One of them that has taken me is “I will”. It comes from at least two different perspectives, that of the psalmist, saying what […]