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A Colloquy on Rejoicing

Translated from the Valley of Vision

Remember, O my soul, It is your duty and privilege to rejoice in God: He requires it of you for all his favors of grace. Rejoice then in the giver and his goodness, Be happy in him, O my heart, and in nothing but God,   for whatever a […]

The Spirit as Teacher

I love the opening lines of this prayer, paraphrased: “Teach me what I do not know, yet need to, and remind me daily of the things I do know, yet would like to forget.”

From “The Valley of Vision” A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions

O God the Holy Spirit,

That which […]

Love (the most perfect uncreated love)

This weekend, as we celebrate the loves of our lives, we must not forget to worship the giver of ” the most perfect uncreated love”.

From “The Valley of Vision”

Lord Jesus, Give me to love thee, to embrace thee, though I once took lust and sin in my arms. Thou didst love me before […]

Vain Service (Valley of Vision)


Forgive me for serving Thee in sinful ways – by glorying in my own strength, by forcing myself to minister through necessity, by accepting the applause of others, by trusting in assumed grace and spiritual affection, by a faith that rests upon my hold on Christ, not on Him alone, by having […]

Seeing God from the depths

I just got off a phone call with my wife, telling me about an accident in the family. Then, almost immediately, I read on facebook of another accident to a friend, and looked back at the past few weeks and all that has happened to other friends in terms of illness and accident, and this […]

Sunday, Sunday, So Good To Me

Sunday is coming, and it is not just another day. Sunday is a great day for our family, a day we gather with other believers and corporately worship the God of our salvation. We do not always do it together, since we live in different towns. We do not always worship the same way, because […]

Sunday mornings

I was reading this morning from “The Valley of Vision” and found this prayer about our Sunday time with God.

O Lord, We commune with You every day, but week days are worldly days, and secular concerns reduce heavenly impressions. We bless You therefore for the day sacred to our souls when we […]


I am substituting for Pastor Currie in his Sunday School class this morning, teaching in Philippians 1. Philippians is a great book full of joy and rejoicing, with some form of that word used roughly 12 times (I’m not too good at counting – may be more, may be fewer). Paul prays with joy, he […]


Ever have trouble falling asleep at night, or once sleeping and awakened early been unable to go back to sleep? I had one of those early morning (3:00 AM) awakenings this week, with my mind racing on things yet to do on my current project. […]

We are going

We are going to the house of prayer, pour upon us the spirit of grace and supplication; We are going to the house of praise, awaken in us every grateful and cheerful emotion; We are going to the house of instruction, give testimony to the Word preached, and glorify it in the hearts of all […]