On public worship – do it together

From “Public Worship – Considered & Enforced” by Joseph Kinghorn: “The public worship of God has a great tendency to keep up in our minds, a sense of his character and of our situation.Every part of it suggests that God is great and that we should be lowly before him; that he is holy, but… Continue reading On public worship – do it together

On the worship of God

This quote (formatting mine) was taken from Warren Wiersbe’s book “Real Worship”, and was itself a quote from another author, William Temple. We find it hard to define worship, to understand it. We pigeonhole our worship into 15 to 30 minutes on any given Sunday morning when we actually make time in our busyness to… Continue reading On the worship of God

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The beauty of holding your tongue

In studying for today’s lesson on Psalm 73, I read this verse: If I had said, “I will speak thus,” I would have betrayed the generation of your children. The Psalmist was in the midst of a personal thought crisis, and really wanted to speak his piece. But he didn’t, at least not immediately. He… Continue reading The beauty of holding your tongue

Until I came into the sanctuary of God

“… this book brings us into the sanctuary, draws us off from converse with men, with the politicians, philosophers, or disputers of this world, and directs us into communion with God, by solacing and reposing our souls in him, lifting up and letting out our hearts towards him. Thus may we be in the mount… Continue reading Until I came into the sanctuary of God

Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul

Anne Steele wrote this hymn in the mid- to late 1700’s. The thoughts and emotions are just as applicable today as then. Her version had 8 four-line verses, the modernized version put to music by Kevin Twit has changed that to 4 eight-line verses, eliminated one set  and repeated the last. Verse 1 Dear refuge… Continue reading Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul

Come, worship with us

If you’re up north, in Michigan, near Cheboygan, we’d love to have you come worship with us Sunday morning. Here’s some of what’s going on tomorrow (August 9, 2015). The adult Sunday school class, taught tomorrow by Harry Hammond, is finishing a brief study of Job, as part of a video series by Philip Yancey titled… Continue reading Come, worship with us

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Confession of Sin

I’m traveling on business and had to leave early this morning, which meant I would miss worshiping with my local church family at Faith Baptist in Cheboygan.  I’m always sad when I’m away on Sunday because of the people I don’t see and speak with, find out how they’re doing, or what is going on… Continue reading Confession of Sin

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Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Kevin DeYoung has added two posts to his blog on The Gospel Coalition blog site regarding the music used in churches.  If you’re at all interested in the subject, they’re very good reading.  He’s titled it “Ten Principles for Church Song” and it comes in two parts, five principles each. The first five are here.  The… Continue reading Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs