What do you do when you’re staying at home with minimal contact outside your lovely wife? Since she’s occupied doing other things necessary for the continued operation of the household, I decided to read a book. But, not just any book, and not just to myself. I decided to read “The Biggest Story” by Kevin DeYoung, and read it out loud, recording it for my grandkids.

I bought it almost five years ago and have been remiss in not reading it to them already. Please forgive me, kids.

Anyway, since I now have better technology than I did five years ago, and seem to have much more free time, here you go. I recorded and posted it on YouTube. I recommend that you buy your own copy, because once you hear it, you’ll want to read it again, and look closer at the beautiful illustrations by Don Clark. So here’s a link to Amazon. If you click it and buy it, there’s a slight chance I’ll make a small, very small, commission from that sale. But that’s not why I’m doing this.

Listen, and I hope, enjoy.


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