On the Death of George Whitefield

Denise and I visited Boston in the fall of 2018 as part of one of my last work trips. We spent the weekend walking the city and exploring the area, taking in its history and culture. One of the things I always try to do when visiting a place is buy a book that is… Continue reading On the Death of George Whitefield

When “church” overshadows the Gospel

C H Spurgeon comments on the sometimes seemingly ineffective work of the Gospel: How is it that (the Gospel) does so little of its old conquering work? I will tell you. Do you see the scabbard of artistic work, so wonderfully elaborated? Full many keep the sword in this scabbard, and therefore its edge never… Continue reading When “church” overshadows the Gospel

Growing right-minded children

Joel Miller had these words to say on encouraging his children to believe in God. “It occurs to me that the most important means to encourage belief in God, to encourage their love, trust, and hope in God is to encourage repentance and help them cultivate holiness. The greater the sanctification, the deeper the belief.”… Continue reading Growing right-minded children