Adoration and Praise

All Nations exhorted to Adoration and Praise by TATE & BRADY.Taken from Psalm 100 My newly rebound hymn book, originally published in the 1840s and reprinted with new supplements in the 1850s opens with this 17th century Psalm adaptation by Tate & Brady, known for their “New Version of the Psalms of David” published in… Continue reading Adoration and Praise

Habakkuk’s Song

On a flight home from LAX last summer I was listening to my iPod (the only Apple device I use regularly) and the playlist made it to the album “Canticles“, a compilation by Cardiphonia, and to the song “Habakkuk’s Prayer” by Caroline Cobb. What had been background music all of a sudden made it to… Continue reading Habakkuk’s Song

Sing a Goofy Song

Having a rainy day? Bummed out about something?  Sing a goofy song and laugh with Alvin. Play in new window | Download

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