On Leaving Kindergarten

I have been spending time in a kindergarten classroom in town, three mornings a week since January of this year.  This is my second tour of duty since I retired January 2020; the first was cut short in March of 2020 for some reason. I’ve learned a lot in kindergarten, and hope that I have helped the kids learn even more.  I’m certainly not teaching, but I can help them learn to read, help them understand the concepts of a story problem – yes, they’re doing story problems in kindergarten!  I can show them that I care for them, laugh (quietly, it is a classroom after all), pat them on the head and show them they can do this, whatever this happens to be.

They weren’t my kids when I started, but they certainly are now.  I have seen a lot of teeth wiggle, I have tied a few shoes, told way too many to go wipe their noses. I have pushed swingers on the swing-set, watched escapades on monkey bars, exclaimed over cartwheels, walked hand-in-hand back to the classroom, been hugged by little arms.  I have helped them learn to write a sentence, complete with the appropriate end marks.  What a joy it has been for me, and I thank God for the opportunity.  I hope they remember me – I’m sure I will remember them.

One of the last things I’m doing for them is giving each child a book – “Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know” written by Melissa Kruger, published by The Good Book for Children, an imprint of The Good Book Company Ltd.  I want these kids to know, and remember, that while I love them, someone much more important than me also loves them.  I want them to know that I am and will be praying for them, praying for their safety, praying that they would reach their potential, but most importantly, that they would come to know the one who loves them most of all, Jesus.  The thing kids need the most today is hope – they need a solid hope for the future, and an assurance that their hope is real.  That’s what Jesus provides as they grow to love Him – the hope that their value is not found in their looks, or how well they read or draw, but rather in the love of God, through Jesus, who gave His life for them.

I’m giving the book, along with a reading, to each student in my class on their last day of school. I asked the publisher for permission to post the reading, and they said yes, so if you want to hear, just click the link below. Then, if you know some child who could use the same affirmation, find the book on amazon.com or thegoodbook.com, order it and give it as a gift, but only after reading it to them.

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