Where do we find joy?

I was talking to another recently, and they used these words: “There’s no joy in … ” That saddened me, because it was obvious they were looking for their joy in all the wrong places. I tried to reason with them, to tell them of the true source of joy, but they wouldn’t listen, and in fact haven’t listened in some time. They choose to look for their joy in people and other places, and that’s a search doomed to fail.

As Christians, believers in what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us, we are to look only to Him for our joy, and then reflect that joy to others.

There are any number of examples in God’s word that show us this truth. For instance, people are just one of the four “joy stealers” Warren Wiersbe talks of in his commentary on Philippians, “Be Joyful.” Paul tells us in his short letter to watch out for circumstances, people, things, and worry – they will all sap you of your joy. Instead, look to God, and view circumstances with a single mind, view people with a submissive mind, view things with a spiritual mind, and view worry with a secure mind. If you don’t believe me, just read Philippians.

Habakkuk laments in his writing about upcoming circumstances, and focuses properly on the true source of joy – he simply states “I will take joy in the God of my salvation” in his words in Habakkuk 3:17-18.

If you’re looking anywhere but to God for joy today, and to the work He has done through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, I encourage you to stop a minute and change your focus. And be prepared to sing along with Habakkuk! Even though Habakkuk didn’t know of the specific work of Christ, he knew to put his faith in God, looking forward to what God would do. He knew enough to take God at His word when he said “the righteous one will live by his faith.”