Not too long ago I read a new book I didn’t really want to read. Call it an assignment. I didn’t get too far into it before I was thinking thoughts. This is me thinking out loud.

I try to avoid discussing politics. These last two+ years have been very difficult for me. As a republican who is not a personal fan of President Trump I’m on the outside of every discussion. Every one. I don’t agree with the wall. As a nation we spent years tearing down a similar structure in Germany. How can we possibly justify building one of our own? I don’t agree with the dehumanization of refugees, regardless of the reason for their status. And we’re not going to talk about the president’s lifestyle and public persona.

On the other hand, I don’t agree with the socialist leanings of the democrats, I don’t agree with the lifestyle and gender confusion and infanticide they espouse on the national platform. I don’t agree with the way the last president widened the racial divide rather than closing it. Mind you, I’m not saying there is not a racial divide, I just think the last president widened it with his actions, and I think (opinion here) he did it by design.

All that being said, that’s not why we’re here today. The book I’m reading is by Jonathan Leeman, titled “How the Nations Rage”. Early on he asks these questions which cover a wide range of issues. These questions are on page 15. Regardless your position, read and answer these questions. What does it do about your positions?

  • You who call for immigration reform, do you practice hospitality with visitors to your church who are ethnically or nationally different from you?
  • You who vote for family values, do you honor your parents and love your spouse self-sacrificially?
  • You who speak against abortion, do you also embrace and assist the single mothers in your church? Do you encourage adoption? Do you prioritize your own children over financial comfort?
  • You who talk about welfare reform, do you give to the needy in your congregation?
  • You who proclaim that all lives matter, do all your friends look like you?
  • You who lament structural injustices, do you work against them in your own congregation? Do you rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep?
  • You who fight for traditional marriage, do you love your wife, cherishing her as you would your own body and washing her with the water of the Word?
  • You who are concerned about the economy and the job market, do you obey your boss with a sincere heart, not as a people-pleaser but as you would obey Christ?
  • You who care about corporate tax rates, do you treat your employees fairly? Do you threaten them, forgetting that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven and that there is no partiality with him?
  • Finally, as you share your opinions about all these issues on social media, do you gladly share the Lord’s Supper with the church member who disagrees? Do you pray for his or her spiritual good?

I remember attending a Sunday School class at a church outside Grand Rapids, Michigan where the teacher said you couldn’t be a democrat and a Christian. I have heard the other side of that same argument at other churches. In reality, Jesus held no political party 2000+ years ago and does not now.

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