Going through some cluttered drawers I came upon this short tape from the mid-80s, when the Lansing State Journal went from an afternoon to a morning paper. I’ve thought about that move for a long time. With the change from an after school to before school schedule, we pretty much signed the death-knell for youth carriers. With that also went the junior merchant program, and took away the opportunity for thousands of young people to learn how to run their own business and earn their own money. It all started with a jingle and a coffee cup.

I’m not at the State Journal anymore, but still in the industry. And, contrary to what you read, a free press is NOT the enemy of the people, whether you agree with them or not. Subscribe to your local paper today, wherever you live.

Please excuse the bad recording conversion – I can take from a tape to mp3, I’m just not much good at cleaning out the static.



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