Our trip to China began from our home at the time in Grand Rapids, MI. We flew to Beijing from Grand Rapids, through Detroit, and from there began our two week Pacific Delight tour of China. Accompanying us on our tour were the rest of Denise's family: parents Dick and Phyllis Bos, sister Susan and her husband Steve Philip, sister Lisa Clemence, and the baby of the family, Andy and his wife Joyce.

This string quintet greeted us in our hotel upon our arrival for our very first night in Beijing.

During our  time in China we visited three cities, Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai.  Much of the tour was guided, but we had a number of free days to experience the cities by ourselves.

This was the first chance Denise had to test out her new digital camera (Sony Cybershot DSC70), so you may (if I get them uploaded and figured out) hear many of her comments and background sounds associated with her pictures.  My pictures, and those stolen from others, aren't quite as neat as all that.

I'm not much on text, so all you will see are pictures. If you want explanations, e-mail Denise. She knows and sees all.  

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