Xi'an was an ancient capitol of China.  It is now considered in some circles to be the internet and technology center of the country.  Our visit, however, was primarily to look at the Terra Cotta museum and the figures created by an ancient emperor to protect him in death.  They didn't do too well, since they were destroyed soon (within 40 years or so) after their creation by his enemies.  The restored figures are amazing, in the scope of the restoration project as well as the original concept and implementation.  The creation process took years, and was not finished until well after the death of the emperor they were designed to protect.

We also visited the Little Wild Goose Pagoda.  It was damaged by an earthquake centuries ago, when the top fell off and it split in two, down the middle.  Miraculously, years later, another earthquake put the pieces back together, unlike Humpty Dumpty.  The tree by which Susan is standing is reputed to be over 1000 years old

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