Today’s play list

As I write I’m listening to music from Sovereign Grace Music – two of my favorite newer albums (can we still call them albums?).  Upward, the Bob Kauflin Hymns Project and Valley of Vision, based on the Puritan Prayers of the same name.  Wonderful text, some old hymns and some new, great melody lines, all… Continue reading Today’s play list

I Will…

I’m working on  a personal Bible study.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Psalms, and noticed a lot of recurring themes and phrases.  One of them that has taken me is “I will”.  It comes from at least two different perspectives, that of the psalmist, saying what… Continue reading I Will…

Good music coming north?

Friday was a good day for me, music wise.  First, I got a call from Jacob Kitson, tenor for Greater Vision.  They are coming to Gaylord High School, and he wanted to make sure we weren’t doing anything that would conflict with that date.  (We have sponsored a number of concerts in Cheboygan, including Glad,… Continue reading Good music coming north?

The Palms of His Hand

Today’s reading passage in my project to read through the Bible this year was in Isaiah, chapters 46-50.  It’s amazing how there  is always something to take away, a phrase that strikes home, a glimpse into a deeper meaning from another reference passage, or maybe a thought of a hymn or other song, regardless of… Continue reading The Palms of His Hand

A Present Salvation

Here are the closing lines from this Puritan Prayer from The Valley of Vision.  What a great way to live! Help me to be in reality before thee as in appearance I am before men, to be religious before I profess religion, to leave the world before I enter the church, to set my affections… Continue reading A Present Salvation

Changing platforms

I’m switching my blog to WordPress from QuickBlog.  Not that anybody will notice, because I seem to be the only one who reads my blog.  Anyway, the site will be undergoing change in the near future.  Sorry if it bothers you.  Well, not really, but it sounds good to say it anyway.