We made up our own trip itinerary to visit the national parks in Utah and Arizona.  We flew into Las Vegas with Susan and Steve Philip, rented a car and drove.  We visited something like 18 national parks or recreational areas in 8 days, and we have the stamps in our National Parks passport to prove it.  We always were on the lookout for "tri-pod pictures" so we could get all of us in the same shot.  We're anti-social, so didn't want to ask others to take our picture.  Sometimes it gave interesting results.

Here is a sampling of the parks we saw:

I'm not much on text, so all you will see are pictures. If you want explanations, e-mail Denise. She knows and sees all.   By the way, Susan did all the posing.  If you wonder why we're back to back so often, you'll have to ask her.  If you can find her.  Don't think it's because we're fighting.

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