Topinabee/Mullett Lake

Sunrise from our shoreline

Our favorite topic of conversation (others prefer  Steve's fishing exploits), is our new home on Mullett Lake.  We're on the east side, just north of Royal Oak Beach.  When you see the gorgeous view from our front yard (above) you can understand why..  It's not that it is such a grand house, but the way we acquired it, and what we had to go through to get it makes quite a story.  The end result is pretty amazing also.

We purchased land from three different sources (including unused railroad right-of-way) in order to get a lot that met the zoning codes in Cheboygan County, and then bought a house on an adjacent parcel that the new owner of the land was going to tear down in preparation for building their new, bigger and better house.  All we had to do was move the house 300+ feet through a heavily wooded area.  Just let me say that unfortunately, it is no longer heavily wooded.  Oh, we also had to dig a basement, move the carport (which now doubles as a pavilion for family get-togethers) and deck, add a fireplace, enclose a screened-in porch and complete the landscaping.

This is before the move.

This is after the move (and before any of the finishing work is done, like landscaping).  The finish grade has just been completed, and the driveway is in progress.  .I am told the engineered septic system will modify this picture somewhat, but as they say, you gotta go... These views are from the road side of the house, looking out over the lake.

I'm not much on text, so  you will see mainly  pictures. If you want explanations, e-mail Denise. She knows and sees all.