Day ten was spent in the towns of Bled, where we spent two nights, and Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.  In the morning, we had a tour of the city of Ljubljana, visited a cathedral or two, and walked around the marketplace, where the hottest selling item seemed to be sauerkraut, or the Slovenian equivalent.  We bought hand-carved wood bowls from a market vendor, and a hat.  In the afternoon, we returned to Bled for a tour of the castle and a walk through the city.  The local choir was putting on their Christmas concert in the town mall, and we stopped to listen for a bit.


The castle from the city square.

Ljubljana CastleLjubljana Castle


Bled Castle and the church with an annoying bell tower that rang, loudly, every hour.  It was way too close to our hotel.

Bled CastleThe church next to the hotel.  The bell went of all night long on the hour...

Views of Bled and its surroundings from the castle ramparts.

Castle Privy


I'm not much on text, so about all you'll see are pictures. If you want explanations, e-mail Denise. She knows and sees all.  

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