The official itinerary is this: We left Pellston Airport at 6:30 AM July 27, through Detroit to Vancouver, BC.  We boarded the Choral Princess, met up with the rest of the family, and the ship left port that evening.

As with most of our trips, we went on NorthWest Airlines, courtesy of WorldPerks, their frequent flyer miles program.  The trip there was not without excitement.  I got a call late Sunday evening before we were to take off Monday morning, telling me our first leg out of Pellston had been canceled.  No reason, just canceled.  We tried a number of options, and the best one turned out to be rescheduling us out of Alpena, a one hour drive, rather than Pellston, a 17 minute drive.  It also meant our car would be in Alpena, and we would return to Pellston.  Details, details. We made it, and that is what matters.

These pictures are in and around the port of Vancouver, BC, and on our way out.

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As you've most likely read other places, I'm not much on text, so about all you'll see are pictures. If you want explanations, e-mail Denise. She knows and sees all.  

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